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Our activity

höjden is an interdisciplinary artist-driven platform for production, context and daily work, primarily in dance, performance, and choreography, but also other artistic disciplines such as visual arts and music. We rent our premises at Östbergatorget 21 in Stockholm.


höjden is an innovative gathering place for freelance artists who pave the way for collective, norm-critical and experimental collaborations between fields and across borders. In addition to being a workplace, we also offer workshops, performances and lectures regularly. höjden aims to appeal to a wide audience and to supplement existing initiatives that are available to artists on their own terms.


We have an intersectional approach to our work environment, premises and organisation that permeates all activities. The artists at the height decide together with the board höjden's daily operations look like and can run different parts of their projects and their work through the height. höjden currently has around 30 artists working in dance, music, performance, choreography, visual arts and design.

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